Join us as we bring the Bible beyond barriers so every person can know Christ.

Did you know?

Over 42% of the world’s population (3.2 BILLION people) has yet to hear God’s Word.

Most are poor, illiterate, and live without any knowledge that there is a God who loves them and speaks their language. They are people like us. They have hopes and dreams, hurts and fears, but the only difference is they have never heard about Jesus.

The remaining 4.6 BILLION people are within communities longing for revival. They desire to engage in the Bible and be transformed by its life-giving message. They desire to become disciples of Jesus and live a highly productive life in Christ.



International Scripture Ministries is uniquely focused on delivering unhindered access to the Bible and its teachings so that every person in the world can have a direct path to Christ.

Our foundation is soundly built upon God’s infallible Word, the success of ministry partners, and unprecedented advancements in technology.



We preach, teach, and reach people with God’s Word all over the world.

Our focus is harnessing cutting-edge technology and leveraging platforms to get the gospel message to billions of people, in the most remote corners of the world, in a comprehensive “preach” and “teach” format, so we can reach every person in their language.


Right now, over 90% of the world’s population has access to a digital device.

With God as our compass, we use innovative solutions to build platforms that serve as a digital Ark for biblical content. We invest in apps and cloud-based solutions to provide secure access for each person to engage in their language. We prepare infrastructures that go beyond the barriers of connectivity where internet access is unavailable or denied.

Will you join us?



Phase 1


  • Create a digital repository that contains biblical content, in all formats and languages, for people to freely access anywhere, anytime.
  • Offer Bible apps to help users download and share the Bible and its teachings, in a variety of media formats (text, audio, video), with or without internet access.
  • Create a complete, verse-by-verse, Bible study program that is complemented with sermons by pastors from around the world.
  • Launch the Bible Audio Network — a 24/7 broadcast of dramatized Audio Bibles, ministry messaging, preaching/teaching vignettes, along with Christ-centered worship and contemporary music.


  • Modernize partner radio towers to deliver unfettered access to the Bible and its teachings, in all available frequencies, regardless of physical, political, or technological barriers.
  • Evaluate emerging technologies (e.g., 5G, satellite communications) with the potential to reach every person on earth, and which use a “direct to device” architecture, for integration into ISM’s Phase III roadmap.
  • Translate ISM’s initial Bible study programs into every available language through its ministry partners.
Phase 2
Phase 3


  • Incorporate commercial satellite services from one or more commercial satellite broadband service providers to initially achieve “distribution without barriers” with a “direct to device” architecture
  • Develop a dedicated satellite constellation to ensure the distribution of God’s Word during what Christians call the “end times tribulation."


Gregg Harris
Gregg Harris Thru the Bible

Thru the Bible’s passion is to take God’s whole Word to the whole world. With digital technology becoming central to the lives of most people on the planet, our ministry needs to be on the cutting edge of reaching people via these new platforms.  We are thrilled to partner with International Scripture Ministries to accomplish this goal.

Jeff Gowler
Jeff Gowler Global Media Outreach

With Troy’s heart for the Kingdom, and leading-edge passion for technology, International Scripture Ministries is perfectly poised at the intersection of scripture distribution, and fulfillment of the Great Commission.

Ted Seres
Ted Seres OneBook Canada

We have recently engaged with International Scripture Ministries and have been stimulated by their expertise. More impressive is their passion for reaching those who do not have the privilege of having access to God’s Word. Using cutting edge technology they are making a difference in the global effort to cover the globe with the Gospel. I have known Troy Carl for over a decade and each encounter has left me captivated with possibilities. His sincerity and integrity are qualities that encourage one to partner with ISM with great confidence.

Chip Lusko
Chip Lusko General Manager, Life FM

Troy Carl is the model of what you hope to meet at this level of Christian executive leadership.... and more. He certainly does not need my endorsement, because his record and resume are super impressive. Glad to call him a friend, colleague and soldier for the gospel.

John Ankerberg
John Ankerberg A.T.R.I

Troy's enthusiasm for reaching the world with the Gospel of Jesus Christ is amazing. He is a wealth of understanding...a team player with the goal of sharing Christ to the world.

Henry Huang
Henry Huang American Bible Society

Working with Troy was a challenge, in that he always challenged us to think bigger. As a result, both our organizations benefited from his vision.

Ashvin D
Ashvin D GoodNews Group

Content is king but it’s high time we bring the king in the content. We in GoodNews TV and ICMA are happy to partner with Troy and the ISM team to eliminate Gospel poverty in the world. We know Troy has been called for this mandate and together let’s join hands with ISM to build God’s Kingdom.

Sanjiv E
Sanjiv E ICMA

I have had the privilege to be associated with Troy for several years now for Kingdom work, also he has been a key contributor to the success of ICMA. His passion for the Lord's work is commendable and contagious. His ability to adapt, build, and nurture relationships, while driving synergies for the delivery of high-quality outputs, will help ISM be a blessing for all whom they work with. Wishing Troy and the ISM team, all success.

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