ISM and the Bible Bus

At International Scripture Ministries, Inc. (ISM), we build strategic partnerships with other ministries passionate about bringing the whole Word of God to the whole world. Together, we leverage technology to bring light and hope in creative and new ways.

This past year, ISM built a cutting-edge app for THRU the BIBLE with Dr. J. Vernon McGee that launched in the summer of 2021. You’re probably familiar with THRU the BIBLE’s fifty-year legacy of providing verse-by-verse studies of the entire Bible in over 120 languages and dialects. With the new app build, ISM helps take that vision to the next level!

A God-ordained partnership

ISM has a three-phase plan to bring unhindered access to the Bible and its teachings to the entire world. One of the goals of Phase 1 is to “offer Bible apps to help users download and share the Bible and its teachings, in a variety of media formats (text, audio, video), with or without internet access.” For us at ISM, this app build is an exciting advancement in our overall strategy.

About our partnership, Gregg Harris, President of THRU the BIBLE, says, 

“Much of THRU the BIBLE’s effectiveness in taking the whole Word of God to the whole world has been forming trusted partnerships with high impact content delivery ministries. In the past that meant radio, but in today’s world, it means reaching people on digital platforms and mobile devices. International Scripture Ministries, Inc. is THRU the BIBLE’s trusted partner to manage and deliver our massive content library of Bible teaching in more than 200 languages. We are so grateful for their leadership in developing our flagship App with the teaching of Dr. J. Vernon McGee in 95+ languages along with the whole Bible in all those languages.”

Our God-ordained partnership combines the enduring calling of Dr. J. Vernon McGee and the cutting-edge technological resources and mission of ISM.

What makes this Bible app unique?

While there are a few Bible apps you can choose from in your app store, there is only one that provides a text-by-text reading of the Bible that coincides with the teachings of Dr. J. Vernon McGee. It’s the Bible and the teaching of the Bible, together.

Every time you open your THRU the BIBLE app during your personal quiet time, in your small group, or with your family, you can access the Bible in text or audio, along with verse-by-verse teachings. As you read a verse, just press and hold the text, and Dr. McGee’s teaching on that verse will pop up. Never feel alone in your Bible study!

Find your seat on the Bible Bus

There’s a seat for everyone on the Bible Bus. Journey through the entire Bible, verse by verse, in a systematic study. Take a seat and get to know the Word in a life-changing way, amplified by the teaching of Dr. J. Vernon McGee.

With the THRU the BIBLE App, you can:

  • Dive into the daily radio broadcast program in “Today’s Study” in the Study section. 
  • Start Your Journey” in an on-demand experience to track and save your progress.
  • Listen to various playback speeds and favorite, download, or share in the media player.
  • Cross-reference the Bible with corresponding  “THRU the BIBLE” programs with a tap.
  • Engage with the Word of God offline and on the go by downloading audio.
  • Save your favorite programs and Bible chapters in the “My Library” section.
  • Experience the program in 95+ languages like Spanish, Tagalog, Arabic, and more. 
  • Share your thoughts and ideas with us at

If you’re ready to find your seat on the Bible Bus, download the most recent version of the app on Apple or Google Play and join ISM and THRU the BIBLE as we bring the whole Word to the whole world.